Rosemary Augustine, Author of Facing Changes In Employment, How To Live and Work Your Passion, Career Changer's Guide and 29 Things To Do, is the founder and sponsor of this website since its launch in 1996.  When Rosemary first lost her job in 1990, she started a career consulting business, helping individuals in job search, career change and exploring the options of  entrepreneurship.  She wrote countless resumes, taught classes on interviewing techniques and how to deal with the transition of job loss.

Rosemary says, "I can't tell you how many people come to me for career coaching,  tired of the rat race, and knowing that by taking the next job, they will be downsized once again in less than 18 months.  Most of these individuals are searching for a deeper meaning to work and are not sure how to attain it.  I have coached individuals nearly 20 years to reach goals they never thought they could achieve."

Today, Rosemary continues to provide career advice to individuals and groups from all walks of life, with a creative twist on your career change. When she left the corporate outplacement firm of Lee Hecht Harrison in 2005, she began a deeper journey into art and creativity.  An accomplished acrylic artist, she continued to work full time while expanding her creativity with the addition of watercolors and hand-crafted journals. 

"My career coaching has taken a new direction" says Rosemary, "working with my clients doing deep soul searching, clearing and clarity with a variety of journaling exercises as the format.  A regular or daily journaling practice is a requirement in working with me on your career change because of the new format I follow when providing individual coaching.  It’s fun!  It’s powerful! And you start to see results pretty quickly." 

Rosemary recommends that a spiritual practice accompany her coaching since we do address God (Good Orderly Direction or whatever Higher Power you realize and work with).  Some clients also are in regular therapy and the journal / career coaching accompanies this process with significant changes as a result.  "Therapy isn’t necessary for my journal / career coaching," says Rosemary, "however, if you are already in therapy, check with your therapist for their blessing. 
Whether you call it career coaching or journal coaching… my license plates with the word “Journal” has finally paid off in visibility.

You can also visit her other website www.RosemaryAugustine.com dedicated to the art of journaling and a listing of creative classes and Meet Ups that she facilitates. With career change, Rosemary helps you see a more creative side to yourself and guides you along the path to a greater balanced and more peaceful life - by finding the work you love.

Welcome visitor, and may you find what you are looking for along your path of transition.



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